Interview With: Hester

Company Name: Wedding in a Teacup

Location: Based in Brighton, but ship worldwide

What does Wedding in a Teacup do?

We are an online boutique for creative brides who want a wedding away from the mainstream. We focus on stationery, favours, décor and gifts, and we have a special ‘get creative’ section.

Free as a Bird Wedding Stationery - Wedding in a Teacup

How did the business start and how long has it been going?

My background is in fashion buying, which I got in to with the dream of one day having my own shop. I had been in the fashion industry for over five years and my feet were really starting to get twitchy, then my husband proposed last year and I entered this new world of weddings. I discovered all these amazing wedding blogs, and just got blown away by the creativity out there – it was miles away from the rather formal, sparkly image of weddings that I had in my head! However, I found it hard and frustrating to actually source the products I was after. For example, it took me days to track down a plain pillow box made from recycled card, and I couldn’t find pretty cotton wedding-themed ribbon. So I decided to take the leap and set up a site where brides could buy all these things and more under one roof, and I’m so glad I did! The site went live last December, so we’re nearing our 1st Birthday…

'Love is Sweet' Confectionery Favour Stickers - Wedding in a Teacup

Where did the name come from?

It just popped into my head! A collision of the phrase ‘storm in a teacup’ and my love of vintage crockery. I also liked the idea of it symbolising having everything weddingy in one place – in one cup so to speak! I also liked that it didn’t take itself too seriously; I wanted to promote the fun of weddings rather than the formality of them.

Who works at Wedding in a Teacup?

I’m here every day. My wonderful mum has been a huge help since the beginning – copyediting, creative brainstorming, ribbon wrapping, packing orders – I couldn’t do it without her! I’m also lucky enough to have two fantastic part-timers too who are a god send. Oh, and my gorgeous little pup called Mo; she’s here every day with me, generally creating havoc!

Personalised Wedding Day Print - Wedding in a Teacup

Where are you based and do you have a studio?

I have a lovely small studio in the North Laines in Brighton, East Sussex. The company started off in my spare room, but I was able to move out pretty quickly, much to the relief of my husband as our house was filled to the brim with wedding pretties!

What type of products can brides and grooms buy from Wedding in a Teacup for their wedding?

Invitations, personalised favours, ribbons and tags, gifts, badges, stamps and straws; we’re very eclectic. We love the quirky and the stylish, and it has to be quality. Basically, if I love it, it’s in!

'Let the Love Grow' Personalised Seed Packet Favour - Wedding in a Teacup

Do you make the products you sell or do you buy them from other suppliers?

We do both!

When you buy them, how do you choose the products that you sell through the website?

Again, it’s all about love at first sight! I know immediately if a product is right for the site. Most of the time I have an idea or product in my head already, and if it’s something I can’t make or design myself I set out to hunt down someone who can.

Do you design and make the wedding stationery? Do you offer a bespoke service or just the designs on your website?

Yes I design it all in-house, and sometimes with a little help; we recently collaborated with a good friend of mine who does amazing illustrations. We then print them at a local print house. Most people choose us because of the designs we show, but we are happy to change colours or pictures if asked.

Owl Always Love You Wedding Stationery - Wedding in a Teacup

As a web-based business, can people order products no matter where they are based in the UK?

People can order our products no matter where they are based in the world! We have an EU shipping option on the site, and for the rest of the world we charge P&P on a one to one basis, so clients can just contact us direct to place their order. We’ve just shipped some invitations to Australia!

Can couples only buy products through the website or do you have a shop / catalogue?

At the moment it’s all about the website. I’m not a massive fan of the high street so I’m a huge internet shopper myself! Anything that you can do without getting out of your pyjamas gets my vote.

'Bridesmaid' in a Bottle Necklace - Wedding in a Teacup

What sets Wedding in a Teacup apart from other companies that sell wedding styling products?

We sell much more than just wedding styling products, so that’s one thing that sets us apart! I think the fact that we have such a large range, of both handmade and brought in items, makes us stand out. We’re not trying to please or cater for everyone so I think our style is pretty unique!

What are your top tips for styling a wedding?

There is only one tip in my eyes – enjoy it! If you’re not enjoying doing a particular something then don’t do it, it’s as simple as that. It’s you and your partner’s day, so go for what you love, and what excites you, not what people think you should do.

Music Lovers Wedding Stationery - Wedding in a Teacup

Random question… What book are you currently reading?

Well, funny you should ask that! My mum, who helps with my copy and wraps all my ribbon, is also a fantastic writer! Her latest book Witch Crag has just been published and I’m enjoying every page.

Do you have a favourite wedding style for 2012?

I’m really not a huge fan of wedding ‘styles’, as they put too much pressure on the bride who already has enough on her plate! I’m much more keen on individuality; my favourite wedding style is the style of the couple.

Where can I find out more about Wedding in a Teacup?

On our website, have a great blog on there with lots of ideas, showcasing real brides who have used our goodies. We are also big Facebook and Twitter fans, so for the most up to date news and offers please give us a follow.

Or you can always say hello! We’re just on the other end of the phone or email.

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