Hannah Judd - The Tea Set

Interview with: Hannah Judd

Company Name: Petal and Feast (formerly The Tea Set)

Location: Sussex

What does Petal and Feast do?

We are basically a one-stop wedding shop, providing catering, flowers, ice cream bike, and china hire. We offer a range of services to help your event go just the way you want it to. Pick and Mix the services you require, hire our vintage china and props, bunting or ice cream bike, or ask us to cater for your event and our china is included in the price.

Wedding Flowers and Book - The Tea Set

How did the business start and how long has it been going?

Starting up in 2008, the-tea-set started up to provide the wedding and events’ community with something a bit extra; we have gone from strength to strength

What areas of the UK do you cover?

Mainly South East, but have been as far as Sheffield!

Who works at Petal and Feast?

We are a lovely bunch of friendly, happy people who love what we do. If you are looking for people to swish about dressed in black, silver service-ing, then look away now; there’s none of that here.

What services can you provide for weddings?

We specialise in setting up and styling your event. We can help with the planning and coordination, or simply hire out the pieces you would like. All services are truly bespoke and we make every effort to make your party unique and personal to you.

Wedding Cake with Flowers - The Tea Set

Who makes the cakes and afternoon tea items that you provide for weddings?

All our food is made by people, in an actual kitchen. We always use the best quality, local (where possible) ingredients, and have a crack team of ace bakers to make their own special cakes!

What type of cakes do you make? What is the most popular choice for weddings?

We can pretty much make anything and everything. Victoria Sponge and Carrot Cake, Coffee and Walnut, and Lemon Drizzle cake are really popular with pretty much everyone.

Drizzle Cake - The Tea Set

Where do you get your ingredients from?

All ingredients are locally sourced where possible. Bread comes from our local baker and high quality local meat comes from our butcher.

How does the ice-cream bike work at weddings? Do you serve from this or do people help themselves? What flavour ice-creams can you provide?

Whether you are looking for something to occupy the guests whilst the photos are being taken, or as an alternative to dessert, the ice cream bike ticks all the boxes – something to eat, something to do, and it looks the part too. The ice cream is local farm ice cream, homemade using the best ingredients, and available in a range of delicious flavours, from fancy gourmet ones like Ginger and Honeycomb, to classics like Belgian Chocolate or Fresh Strawberry, served in real waffle cones.

Included in the price is the ice cream, the bike, and a happy, suitably vintage server or two for about 2 and half hours. Depending on where the event is there may or may not be a delivery charge. We can even dress up the bike for you with a bunting, flowers or fairy lights.

Ice Cream Bike - The Tea Set

What sets Petal and Feast apart from other companies that provide wedding styling?

With the massive growth in the popularity of vintage weddings, we really try to make the event personal to you and not just tick that vintage box. All our food is top quality, and our staff are a happy, friendly bunch who dress up to look the part, which adds to the style and fun of the day.

What are your top tips for styling your wedding?

Do what you want! Use blogs and magazines for inspiration, but don’t feel you have to have everything on the list. Make it your own. Don’t stress about the small stuff – remember what you are doing and why, the day will whizz past in such a whirl, there’s no point in spending it worrying!

Random question… The Voice or X Factor?

Neither… Sorry!

Do you have a favourite wedding style for 2012?

Too hard! I love the festival elements that people are bringing in, but the best thing of all is that people’s confidence to do their own thing is growing.

Where can I find out more about Petal and Feast?

Go to petalandfeast.co.uk for more information on all our services, including our pop-up-tea-shop, styling service, china, accessory and bunting hire., or you can email me hannah@petalandfeast.co.uk or call 07909 608 311.