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Company Name: Paperchain Wedding Stationery

Interview with: Justine Rowe

Location / Coverage: International

What does Paperchain Wedding Stationery do?

At Paperchain we produce completely unique wedding stationery, and we take a huge amount of pride in working closely with our bride and grooms to make sure that they receive their perfect wedding stationery.

Flower Wedding Stationery - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

How did Paperchain Wedding Stationery come about and how long has the company been running?

It was sort of by accident. I had been working as a graphic designer for 15 years when my sister asked me to design her wedding stationery for her. Of course I said that I would be honoured. I then went on to design my own wedding stationery and received loads of really great comments on both. Paperchain was born!

Love Birds Wedding Invitation - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

Who works at Paperchain Wedding Stationery and what are your roles?

I decided to really put my heart and soul into Paperchain and to leave my job as a graphic designer and work at Paperchain full time. I design the wedding stationery and run Paperchain with the support of my husband and two lovely children.

Bright and Bold Wedding Stationery - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

Why is the company called Paperchain Wedding Stationery?

I chose the name Paperchain because of the chain that is made from bride and groom to guest, and the cards are made of paper – Paperchain! It was important for me to include the word paper as it is physical, tactile wedding stationery that we produce, not digital stationery.

Describe your workshop.

I am lucky enough to have recently moved to a lovely house in the country. I have a fabulous studio overlooking miles of countryside. This is the view from my office window – the very nosey cows!

View from Studio - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

Have you always been creative?

The arts and being creative has always been my passion. After attending art college I worked as a graphic designer for 15 years. My next step of setting up Paperchain Wedding Stationery is the icing on the cake for me.

What wedding stationery can Paperchain Wedding Stationery make?

I can produce almost any wedding stationery. I do have a set of wedding stationery collections on the website and these all include the standard wedding stationery items. From save the date cards and wedding invitations, right through to ‘on the day’ stationery.

That said I am always happy to work with bride and grooms and adapt and change our stationery to make it perfect for them.

Elegance Wedding Stationery - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

Do you offer a bespoke wedding stationery service as well as your collections?

Yes, I love to create new and very personal wedding stationery. Whether it’s based on something that the bride and groom have seen, or a personal event they want to turn into their wedding stationery.

Dotty Wedding Menu - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

How do you create bespoke stationery for each of your couples? What’s involved in the planning?

I love to talk with bride and grooms about their ideas, inspiration and start getting creative. I talk through the ideas and then create two or three options, and we then work together to perfect one of the options.

Flourish Wedding Thank You Card - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

Does Paperchain Wedding Stationery just make wedding stationery or do you offer products and services for other occasions?

I often create stationery for many other events. I have recently produced stationery for a silver wedding anniversary and also a 21st birthday party.

Do you have a favourite stationery collection that Paperchain Wedding Stationery has made?

My favourite wedding stationery collection is ‘Natural’. This is my eco wedding stationery range. It is very pretty, and I love the card stock that it’s produced on and the fact that it’s made from 100% recycled materials – recycling is something that is very important to me. The colours of the flowers are easily changed and so this design can be matched to a wedding colour scheme, making it even more personal.

Natural Wedding Invitation - Paperchain Wedding Stationery

What are your top tips for choosing wedding stationery?

I would advise bride and grooms to choose wedding stationery that they love and, if possible, reflects a little bit of them. This may sound very simple but so often people choose wedding stationery that it very traditional and they think they should be choosing. Today there is so much choice out there – go for something that you love!

Random question… What was the last photograph you took of?

A picture of my children. This would be the same answer most days.

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