Company Name: Just Miniatures

Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk

What does Just Miniatures do?

Just Miniatures is a specialist supplier of miniature bottles of spirits, engraved glasses and personalised miniatures for weddings, events and personalised party favours.

Miniature Spirits - Just Miniatures

How did the business start and how long has Just Miniatures been going?

Just Miniatures started as an idea between two brothers after we first became aware of the large number of miniature bottle collectors in the UK, and the scale of their demand for miniatures. When we first launched our website in 2003 we catered almost solely to their requirements, stocking pretty much Scotch whisky and nothing else, but it wasn’t long before demand arose for a wider range of miniature spirits, and we realised that people also saw our products as the perfect items for wedding favours and small gifts. We diversified our range and vastly increased our stock, and the company as we know it was born!

Moet and Chandon Champagne - Just Miniatures Heidieck Monopole Champagne - Just Miniatures

Why is the business called Just Miniatures?

Because, well, we sell ‘just miniatures’! Perhaps that isn’t quite so true anymore: we initially set up only to supply miniatures to collectors, but our range has grown and broadened to include bigger bottles of whisky, beers, wines and liqueurs, as well as personalised shot glasses and gift boxes.

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

We ship to the whole of the UK, excluding the Channel Isles.

What products can you provide for weddings?

All sorts! A large percentage of our products are purchased as wedding favours, from branded products to personalised miniatures. As well as miniatures of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, we stock an assortment of miniature fragrances for him and her – individually and in gift sets – as well as a variety of tiny jars of jams and preserves, pots of loose leaf tea, and personalised engraved neck-tags. Whatever your plans for your wedding, we can provide the perfect accompaniments.

Mrs Bridges Preserve Collection - Just Miniatures

What could a bride and groom do with the miniatures for their wedding?

Most of our customers who buy from us for weddings use them as favours. The fact that our miniatures can be personalised allows for a very individual experience, since we have various different options for personalising drinks miniatures, shot glasses and gift boxes and they can pretty much be branded any way you like! For many people this provides a perfect finishing touch to a day spent surrounded by family and friends: understandably we supply a lot of Scotch and Irish whisky to weddings where the bride or groom’s family originates from elsewhere in the British Isles, as it’s a gift which reflects a strong cultural connection. Our products are also brilliant for stag and hen parties: they make the perfect addition to an adult party bag.

What is the most popular miniature bought for weddings?

In terms of our branded stock, Jack Daniel’s bourbon and Bailey’s Irish Cream always go down a treat. Our vast range of personalised miniatures is incredibly popular, too, as they really provide a personal connection between the special day and the gifts given.

Bailey's - Just Miniatures Jack Daniel's - Just Miniatures

Can you provide samples for the bride and groom to try?

Unfortunately this is not a service that we currently offer, but with regards to the personalisation side of things, we are always happy to email proofs or draft copies of artwork for approval prior to printing up the final versions.

Do you only sell alcohol miniatures?

For the most part, yes, but we also keep a varied range of other goods, miniature and otherwise! We also have an extensive selection of soft drinks to choose from, too – whether you’re planning a decadently boozy day or a totally teetotal celebration, we’ve got it covered.

Campo Viejo Rioja - Just Miniatures

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

We do; these are looked at on a case by case basis, however, so contact us for more details.

How do couples order their chosen products?

Via our website or by phone on 01473 820 620.

How long does the delivery take and is there a charge?

Delivery is available as 5-7 days, 3-5 days, and we also offer a next day service if you’ve left it to the last minute.

Personalised Neck Tags - Just Miniatures Jack Daniels with Personalised Neck Tag - Just Miniatures

What sets Just Miniatures apart from other companies providing miniatures?

The biggest range, the best prices, and the best customer service.

Random question… What radio stations do you listen to?

Kiss FM, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio Suffolk.

Where can I find out more about Just Miniatures?

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