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Interview with: Michael Jackson

Company Name: Jackson and Co Photography

Location / Coverage: Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and anywhere and everywhere that your wedding wants to take me. Britain and beyond!

How did the business get started and who works at Jackson and Co Photography?

Jackson and Co Photography is run by me and my lovely and beautiful wife Hannah, who has pushed me along every step of the way to be better, braver and more creative. It was started over some very long nights and endless mugs of tea, talking about our life together and working towards something that would be completely rewarding.

Bride and groom standing by animal skull on door

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

Pretty much, yes, but I got distracted along the way by squarer and more respectable jobs that ultimately bored me until I found the courage to throw myself into this.

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I can’t remember what it was of but I know that when I was three years old my dad carved and painted a little wooden camera for me so that I could take photos with him in the cherry orchards near our home in Kent.

Bride and groom silhouette on colourful night sky

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

Every square inch of it if need be, although I am based in Kent.

What do you feel will set you apart from other wedding photographers?

I love people and I love characters. All of my clients are people who I’ve worked hard to get to know, from their initial enquiry right the way through to presenting their photographs back to them, and I think this comes through in the photos. I also feel strongly that what we do should justify the cost, and nothing short of an amazing customer experience beginning to end is enough, so we work hard to make everyone feel special.

Bride and groom in garden

How would you describe your photography style?

My work is mixture of documentary photography and creative portraiture. It’s lots of fun, it’s light and colourful a lot of the time, and full of emotion.

Bride and groom by orange camper van

What packages do you offer and what are your rates?

My packages start from £1500 and I offer some awesome albums that you’ll still be grinning at in 25 years time. What is the best thing about the job?

Bridal bouquet

I get to be a part of the best day of someone’s life over and over again; what’s better than that!? Do you have a specialist area of photography?

I like to think that I focus on the people more than anything else. It’s those little things that happen that no one really notices – the fleeting glances, the smirks, the belly busting laughter – that is really important to me that I capture.

Wedding guests laughing

Who/what are your influences?

Documentary photographers the world over, especially those who specialise in photographing great musical and sporting events, capturing real raw emotion.

Do you have a favourite picture that you have taken (If you can choose!)?

This one…

Bride and groom by sea

What is your top tip for choosing a wedding photographer?

You’ve got to get on. Not just a little bit, but like you could genuinely be mates. If you got stuck in a lift with them you’d have a good time and go and get some mojitos after.

Bride and groom in woods

Random question… What is your favourite game/quiz show?

University Challenge. Not because I’m a genius, but more to see if I can beat Hannah each week. I’m not sure we’ve ever got into double digits.

Where can people find out more about Jackson and Co Photography?

Visit my website www.jacksonandcophotography.com, and you can contact me at michael@jacksonandcophotography.com

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