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Company Name: Debenhams Wedding Insurance

Location / Coverage: Nationwide

Why is it important that couples have wedding insurance?

Weddings are happy occasions, but sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Adverse weather conditions or illness could lead to postponement, there could be a cancellation, or the chosen venue could go out of business, leaving couples out of pocket. Wedding insurance is a way of making sure couples do not lose money if their wedding day does not go to plan, giving them complete peace of mind.

What does wedding insurance cover against?

Debenhams Wedding Insurance covers for:

  • Cancellation of wedding and/or reception up to £70,000
  • Rearrangement of wedding or reception
  • Ceremonial attire cover up to £10,000
  • Wedding gifts lost or damaged due to accident, theft or fire
  • Loss or damage to the rings, flowers, wedding cake, cover up to £6,000
  • Loss of photography/videos due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Failure of suppliers cover up to £10,000
  • Much much more…

How much does Debenhams Wedding Insurance cost?

Each wedding is different and the costs associated with them are different too – so Debenhams Wedding Insurance offers five different cover levels to choose from*:

  • Silver at £39: cover up to £5,000
  • Gold at £59: cover up to £10,000
  • Platinum at £99: cover up to £20,000
  • Diamond at £149: cover up to £30,000
  • Diamond Plus at £249: cover up to £70,000

Do couples have to pay any excess if they make a claim?

You will need to pay an excess if you make a claim. The excesses range from £25 to £250 depending on the section of cover you claim under.

Do you cover weddings abroad as well as in the UK?

Yes we do! Debenhams Wedding Insurance covers weddings abroad at no extra cost.

What are personal and public liability cover?

Personal liability covers the bride and groom if they are held liable for any damage to any person or third party property.

Upon payment of an additional premium, public liability covers all members of the wedding party if they are held liable for any damage to any person or third party property.

How soon before a wedding would you recommend couples take out wedding insurance?

You should purchase a wedding insurance policy as soon as you make any bookings or pay any deposits towards your wedding. Debenhams policies can be purchased up to 2 years before the wedding date.

If a wedding ceremony and reception are on separate dates, will Debenhams Wedding Insurance cover both?

Yes. Ceremonies and receptions that are up to 21 days apart are covered as standard. If the gap between the ceremony and reception is more than 21 days, then Debenhams will still cover you but you will need to contact our Customer Services team for a quotation on 0844 573 5975. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am – 1pm.

What should couples look out for when choosing wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance policies vary hugely in terms of the elements of cover provided and so it is always important to check the full details of the policy to ensure that all aspects of your wedding day are covered.

You should spend time calculating the amount of money you are spending on the main components of your wedding including the venue, rings, flowers, cake and transport, as well as the deposits that have to be paid to pre-book. This will help you select the level of wedding insurance that is sufficient to meet your needs, rather than simply purchasing the cheapest wedding insurance cover available.

Where can I find out more about Debenhams Wedding Insurance?

You can find out more by visiting or call us on 0844 573 5975.

*Information correct at time at time of publishing

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