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Interview With: Georgina Hyman

Company Name: Breakthrough Breast Cancer

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What does Breakthrough Breast Cancer do?

We’re the largest and most influential UK breast cancer charity. Through the generous donations from our supporters and fundraisers (who come up with increasingly imaginative ways to raise money) we’re able to fight breast cancer on three fronts: research, campaigning and education.

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How did Breakthrough Breast Cancer come about and how long has the charity been going?

Breakthrough is still quite a young charity. We were founded by Bill Freedman who lost his wife Toby Robins to breast cancer. Bill had a vision of a better way to beat breast cancer with scientists dedicated to breast cancer research; this led to the opening of the Breakthrough Research Centre in 1999.

We’ve come such a long way since we were founded. Today we have more than 10 clinical trials thanks to our scientists research. Patients are being treated with drugs developed at the Breakthrough Research Centre and this is what our fundraising is all about, real results for patients with breast cancer. We’re all really hopeful for what we can achieve in the next 10 years.

How is Breakthrough Breast Cancer involved in weddings?

We like to think we can offer an alternative to couples who have everything they need with donations in lieu of gifts. Our pins as wedding favours are also a lovely way for your guests to take away with them a special reminder from the day whilst also supporting a cause which affects so many people. Really, we want to give people the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people who are affected by breast cancer.

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How can people getting married help Breakthrough Breast Cancer?

There are great ways to get involved; whether you choose pins as wedding favours, a collection can at the bar or donations in lieu of gifts – you can remember someone special to you and, at the same time, help us get a step closer to beating breast cancer.

Why should couples choose to help Breakthrough Breast Cancer rather than have traditional wedding gift lists or favours?

Celebration funds are a way of you and your guests coming together on your special day to help change the future. Couples who have supported us in this way in the past have always told us how special it made their day; it’s also something which is a little different.

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What’s the best thing about the job?

Celebration giving is a truly amazing way of remembering someone special on your big day, so hearing some of the most inspirational and motivating stories really is the best part of our job! We’re incredibly grateful to everyone that supports us at their wedding, it’s such a generous thing to do and to know that we can offer this option to people is lovely.

Is there anything else people should know about Breakthrough Breast Cancer?

Breakthrough Breast Cancer is such a great cause to be a part of and support. So much of the exciting work we are doing now is already leading to huge breakthroughs, but there is so much more that we need to do. 12,000 women die from breast cancer in the UK every year so it’s important to continue our ground-breaking research and hopefully one day eradicate the disease for good. To find out more about how you can be involved in our life saving work visit our website.

Where can I find out more about Breakthrough Breast Cancer?

We’d love to hear from anyone that wants to support us or just needs more information. You can reach us directly during the week on 020 7025 2428, you can also email us at or visit our website at

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