It is time to look beyond a DJ or band for your wedding entertainment. A new generation of entertainment is now available from CherryTop Weddings that uses the latest technology to bring guests together and create memories to treasure forever.

We’ve all been to a wedding where we sit with other guests we don’t know, and the conversation just doesn’t flow. Also, as many weddings are now hybrid weddings, where virtual guests watch via a live-stream, it has become much more challenging to help guests feel relaxed and included.

At my brother’s wedding a few years ago, we created some games and activities for guests at the reception. It was just meant to be a little bit of fun on the day to help break the ice, but we had such great feedback we realised we were on to something.

The result is CherryTop Weddings, which we launched at the start of the year. There are two elements to the experience. A printed personalised Love Story booklet with activities and games for guests to enjoy, and an online interactive Wedding Wall, where guests can take part in activities, share their photographs and well-wishes and watch a live-stream.

Bride and groom holding Love Story booklet by CherryTop Weddings

Perfect for Hybrid Weddings

Although the idea for CherryTop Weddings came before Covid-19, the interactive experience we have developed meets Covid-19 safety rules. It is a perfect way to bring together guests who attend in person and guests who join virtually.

We expect hybrid weddings, where in-person and virtual guests celebrate with a couple, to continue to be popular even after Covid-19 safety rules are lifted.

The beauty of our approach is that you can make the interactive games a key focus, perhaps showing them on a big screen at your reception. Or, if you want to keep the tech low key, you can encourage guests to add their photos and comments to the Wedding Wall after the day itself.

Ensuring Virtual Guests Feel Included

However, the challenge of live-streaming is that virtual guests may not feel as involved in the weddings as guests who are attending in person.

We overcome that by ensuring wedding guests attending in person or virtually will all receive their own copy of the couple’s Love Story booklet. We even include personalised pens as wedding favours. Guests can upload their responses to the activities from the booklet, photographs of the day and their messages and good wishes for the couple to the online interactive Wedding Wall.

Wedding Wall website by CherryTop Weddings

The Wedding Wall also contains an area for absent friends to watch a live-stream of the wedding. This technology allows guests who attend the wedding virtually to feel as involved and included as in-person guests, by taking part in the same activities as them as well as by contributing their own content in real-time.

Wedding Entertainment that Reflects Your Personality

When planning the wedding day of your dreams you want it to reflect your personality; from your dress to your flowers and venue d├ęcor and even your choice of wedding entertainment.

At CherryTop Weddings we achieve this by allowing you to create your own Love Story booklet, which you can personalise with your favourite photographs.

You can also choose from, and personalise, a range of activities including a Happy Couple quiz to find out how much your guests know about you, wedding speech bingo, word searches, code-breakers, I Spy games and more.

Wedding guests doing activities in Love Story booket by CherryTop Weddings

Keeping Things Simple

With so much happening on your big day, even if you are tech-savvy, you don’t want to be worrying about the technology. Tech should enhance your wedding celebrations, not create extra stress.

Throughout the development of CherryTop Weddings we kept this in mind. We have created a simple to use content management system so you can easily create your unique Love Story booklets by uploading photographs and personalising both messages to your guests and the chosen activities. Our interactive online Wedding Wall is also easy to use, and we send you everything you need to pass on to your guests joining in via live-stream.

Create Memories to Treasure

As well as making your wedding day itself extra special, our technology can also help you to capture memories to treasure forever.

Our Wedding Wall platform means that guests can continue to upload photos and comments after the day itself. After 12 months we make the site into an offline version for you to keep, with the option to create your own photo album or printed guest book.

Our aim is to help couples and guests create and share the moments and memories on their special day. The Love Story booklets and Wedding Wall mean they can look back on those memories for years to come.
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