How do you fancy having something completely different from the traditional wedding cake? Have you thought about a cheese stack wedding cake?

The cheese stack wedding cake is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake. We think they are a brilliant idea (mainly because we are huge cheese fans!) as it provides not only something that will really wow your guests but also an alternative to a wedding reception buffet.

It’s a brilliant idea to have a delicious cheese stack along with some beautiful cut meats, crackers, grapes, olives and bread for your guest to help themselves to, and it should also work out cheaper than paying per person for a buffet.

The Cheese Society have ‘cheesecakes’ that range from a three-stack mini wedding cake that serves 10-20 guests for an intimate wedding to an extra large five-stack cake serving 200+.

Picture of a Mini Cheese Stack Wedding Cake From The Cheese Society

The Cheese Society’s Mini Cheese Stack Wedding Cake Serves 10 – 20 Guests

We love The Cheese Society’s ‘mini stack’. This serves 10-20 people and at just £40 works out to as little as £2 per guest. The three stack mini cake would be perfect for a small intimate wedding, or you could use them as table decorations, placing them in the centre of large round tables for 10-12 people and inviting your guests to help themselves.

The mini stack includes…

Binham Blue (D 15cm x 6.5cm H) – Handmade Norfolk blue cow’s milk cheese, rich and creamy

Celtic Promise (D 13cm x 5cm H) – Handmade, orange cider-washed rind, firm textured Welsh cow’s milk cheese

Finn (D 8cm x 5cm H) – Handmade, soft, bloomy, organic cow’s milk cheese

Picture of a Medium Cheese Stack Wedding Cake From The Cheese Society

The Cheese Society’s Medium Cheese Stack Wedding Cake Serves 60 – 80 Guests

The Cheese Society’s biggest cheese stack is their ‘extra large stack’ which serves 200+ people and is £400, which again works out at only £2 per guest. The five tier stack of cheese includes –

Lincolnshire Red

(D 33cm x 10cm H) – Handmade, Red Leicester style firm pressed cheese

Cornish Yarg

(D 27cm x 8cm H) – A light textured, nettle-wrapped cow’s milk cheese

Colston Bassett Stilton

(D 22cm x 8cm H) – Rich, creamy blue Stilton

Ticklemore Goats Cheese

(D 19cm x 8cm H) – Well-balanced, slightly crumbly textured cheese

Ford Farm Baby Truckle

(D 10cm x 8cm H) – Tasty, clothbound baby cheddar

A Picture of The Cheese Society's Monthly Cheese Selection

The Monthly Selection, A Superb Gift For Cheese Lovers

The Cheese Society very kindly sent us one of their November ‘monthly selection packs’ which contained five different varieties of delicious cheeses.

Picos Blue Valdeon

A strong, spicy blue cheese with a smooth rich flavour and creamy texture, finished by hand wrapping in maple leaves. Made in the mountains of Picos de Europa, Spain.

Old Amsterdam

A smooth, textured, Gouda that is well matured for around 18+ months, resulting in a cheese that has hints of caramel and marmite and a wonderful depth of flavour. Made in Holland.

Ecorce de Sapin

A wonderful soft, ripened Brie style cheese made from cow’s milk, with a rich, creamy texture and showing earthy characteristics. Made in Franche-Comte, France.


Made using premium grade goat’s milk from local farms. This mild but tasty cheese has a crumbly almost feta-like interior when young, but as it ripens and matures it develops a clotted cream like texture. Made in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Dorset Red

A mature, smoked cheese made exclusively from rich, creamy milk. Dorset Red has an enticing amber colour and is encased in a rich red rind which gradually develops as it smokes over natural oak chippings at the local smokery.  Made in Dorset, England.

The Cheese Society’s monthly selection packs are a great way of trying out these outstanding cheeses. You can also order individual cheeses (in different weights) to try the cheeses before deciding on the stack that suits you best.

We can’t recommend The Cheese Society’s cheese stacks highly enough. You will really wow your wedding guests with these beautiful and delicious ‘cheesecakes’.

For more information visit The Cheese Society’s website