Bride holding colourful bouquet

We love the innocence that the pictures from this bridal shoot portray. Showcasing ethereal wedding dresses, make-up and hairstyles, these pictures tell the story of a bride ready to start a new chapter of her life.

With inspirational bridal looks and a picturesque setting, we hope you enjoy the pictures from this beautiful bridal shoot, photographed by Olivia Bossert Photography…

“I have a background in fashion photography, but with the wedding industry being so enormous down in Cornwall, it’s not a big surprise that I found myself drawn to photographing beautiful wedding dresses. 

“I approached this shoot as if it were just another fashion editorial: I wanted to tell a story. I went location scouting and found these woods, Kennal Vale, about 20 minutes from my home, and my mind began to unravel a story of it’s own; the tale of a girl, in love, preparing for her wedding and about to embark on a new chapter in her life.

“It’s a story of innocence, passion, and excitement. Collaborating with bespoke wedding designer, Claire Headdon, and make-up artist Ione Kutz, I feel we were really able to bring the story to life.”

Bride with lace detailed wedding dress holding colourful bouquet

Bride in lace wedding dress holding bright bouquet Bride holding bouquet

Bride with hair plait holding bouquet

Bride holding bouquet in woodland

Bride in woods Bride in woods

Bride standing in clearing in woodland

Bride with plait updo

Bride holding bouquet in woods

Bride wearing wedding dress with lace detail Bride with plait updo hairstyle

Bride wearing two-piece wedding dress

Bride with hair down

Bride standing by stream in woodland

Bride holding bouquet by rocks in woods Bride with hair down holding bright bouquet

Bride holding bouquet by stream in woods

Bride wearing lace detailed wedding dress

Bride standing by stream Lace detail on bride's wedding dress

Bride with hair down holding bouquet

Bride walking through doorway in wall in woodland

Bride holding out dress Bride in lace two-piece dress

Bride in lace two-piece dress holding bouquet

Bride with hair down

Bride holding out dress as she walks through woods Bride in woods

Bride holding brightly coloured bouquet

Photography: Olivia Bossert Photography

Photography Assistant: Alex Barker of Serpentine Shores

Wedding Dresses: Claire Headdon

Make-Up and Hair: Ione’s Makeup and Nails

Flowers: Flowers With M

Bouquet Ribbon: Lancaster and Cornish

Model: Leela @ Gingersnap Models

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