Couple next to red Vespa

So, you have just got married and want some really cool after wedding pictures… where is the best place to go? What do you need? How about going to Paris with a really cute, bright red Vespa? We LOVE it! Paris is such an amazing place for pictures as it offers such charm and rustic settings. This couple did not want to have traditional pictures in Paris with the Eiffel Tower; instead they chose fun, quirky locations for their amazing pictures, taken by Esther and Gabe. So simple yet so charming.

“The young couple organised a genuine multicultural wedding; Amélie was born in Paris while Attila was born in Budapest. They both love the little red Italian Vespa, so they organized their wedding around traveling and motorcycle riding. Amélie was insistent on a couple of things, one was that the pictures in Paris of the bride and groom (bride and groom session) be done without the Eiffel Tower, while the other was that the wedding itself be in Budapest.”

Building in Paris

Paris themed wedding stationery

Red Vespa Necklace around bride's neck

Bunting on back of red Vespa

Bride and groom Red tulips

Bride standing holding bouquet

Bride with floral crown Bride holding red tulips

Bride and groom

Bride sitting on red Vespa Bride wearing lace dress

Bride's legs on red Vespa

Bride holding red shoes Bride wearing flower crown

Bride leaning on red Vespa

Sunglasses and pictures of Paris on map

Couple sitting at cafe table in Paris Coffee

Couple leaning towards each other

Bride stirring coffee Tulip on table

Wedding cake

Bride writing postcard Bride writing postcard

Bride and groom sitting at table writing

Bride and groom on red Vespa Lace sleeve on bride's dress

Groom holding bride next to red Vespa

Groom holding bride

Bride and groom walking in Paris next to red Vespa

Photography: Esther & Gabe

Wedding Dress: Kocsár Valéria

Hair: Head Office

Cake: Kiss Virág Cukrászda

Stationery: Szentgyörgyi Tünde