Autumn weddings are the perfect opportunity to utilise nature and its glorious offerings. We love the rustic, natural autumn elements that the very talented creative team have used to style this shoot. Berries, apples, pumpkins, nuts, figs, leaves, feathers, foliage – the lot! They have created the most wonderful visual delight; the perfect romantic styling for an autumn boho wedding or elopement.

Wedding’s Art really capture the magic of this inspirational shoot and you are going to love these pictures. You should also watch the Wedding’s Art film at the bottom with even more autumn wedding ideas.

Couple by entrance to cave

The Inspiration

“Bohemian is so hot right now, so we thought it would be interesting to combine this style in a different way, with different colours. So, why not combine boho with the autumn season and add some magic to it?

“We started to investigate beautiful locations in Spain and asked different vendors to collaborate. The location had to be a forest with lots of nature, such as big trees and green plants. This would add a warm, mysterious and magic touch to the styled shoot. The ideal place was Mas Terrats in Pontós, approximately 1.5 hour from Barcelona, at the Costa Brava.

“Mas Terrats is a refurbished old Catalan country house from the 16th century. It’s a spectacular venue of almost 100 hectares where they organize weddings and events.

“There are many unique places in the garden. Between the olive trees, the swing hanging in a big tree, the woods, the natural pool with a little cave and an old fountain. There are many special hidden corners, which are like a fairytale!

“The main colours we wanted to use were garnet red, mustard, and grape purple, which we called ‘fig purple’ because of the season.”

The Story to Tell

“When the sun comes up, Valeria the bride has a relaxed walk between the olive trees of Mas Terrats. She’s dressed in a casual boho style that fitted with the autumn season. Valeria takes in some fresh air, enjoying the beautiful nature and listening to the sound of the birds.”

Bride to be wearing boho style poncho

Bride to be wearing boho poncho

Woman wearing hat

A Hidden Place

“Later, Valeria is by an old, unused fountain in the middle of the forest. Plants have now grown around it, and the fountain is in a hidden place never exhibited before. Valeria is wearing a beautiful pearl grey Celia Vela wedding dress with a long tulle skirt and an embroidered top.

Bride sitting by old fountain

Bride sitting

Bride sitting by old fountain

Bride's hand touching leaf

Bride wearing Celia Vela wedding dress

“Love and Memories and florists Flors Bahí decorate the dinner table at the natural pool, ready for the bridal couple. The natural pool at the little cave is one of the most beautiful and magical places of Mas Terrats.

“There are many candles used to create a nice warm ambience. The different elements and warm colours fit perfectly with the boho style and the autumn season.

Candles leading to dinner table

Candles in woods

Rustic dinner table at entrance to cave

Rustic dinner table

Autumn styled dinner table by pool

Autumn wedding place setting

Autumn table decorations

Rustic autumn table display

Groom's place setting

Table candles and autumn styling

Candles and apples in woods

“The bride goes to the cave to meet her groom for a romantic dinner. Surrounded by beautiful green plants and colourful flowers, she’s wearing a short white dress with parts of soft cotton. Timothy, the groom, wears a brown chino, a white blouse and a dark blue gilet with a blue bow tie.”

Bride leaning on groom's shoulder by cave

Bride looking away from groom

Bride and groom back to back

Bride and groom holding hands

Groom standing behind bride

Groom looking over bride's shoulder

Bride hugging groom from behind

Bride and groom in woods

Bride going into cave

Rustic autumn wedding table

Autumn wedding table decorations

Autumn wedding menu

Pumpkins and squashes on ground

Relaxing in the Forest

“After dinner, they go to another place in the forest to relax for a moment. They find a big carpet on the floor with cushions and many rustic candles placed on trunks. There are dreamcatchers hanging in the trees, which are gifts for their guests. The bride is wearing another dress from Celia Vela, which looks like a blouse with long wide sleeves and large bows.

Dreamcatcher hanging in woods

Chillout area in forest

Candles on tree stumps

Tree stumps with autumn decorations Rustic autumn decor

Detail on dreamcatcher

Autumn wedding stationery

Bride and groom sitting on rug in woods

Bride touching groom's hand

Groom looking at bride

Bride touching groom's face

Bride and groom standing face to face

“Before the sun goes down behind the hills, Valeria goes to the wooden swing which is hanging from a big old tree. She is having her relaxed moment alone with her white horse.

“On her head she wears a crown made of flowers that matches her big bouquet that she holds in her hands. She is wearing a long, comfortable, light grey dress from Celia Vela.

Boho bride by tree swing

Bride holding rope of swing

Bride holding autumn wedding bouquet

Large rustic autumn wedding bouquet

Bride laying on swing

Boho bride's autumn crown

Boho bride sitting on swing with flowers

Boho bride standing on swing

“While fog rises through the trees, there is a delicious sweet table ready. Decorated with autumn elements and lots of candles, the table has naked cakes and red velvets, made by Soraya from Sweet Mama.”

Rustic autumn wedding dessert table

Naked wedding cake with berries

Berries on wedding cake

Jars of dessert with spoons


Doughnuts and figs

Wedding cake on dessert table

Boho bride stroking horse

Boho bride sitting on horse

Boho bride resting head on horse

Boho bride riding horse

Boho bride riding away on horse

Photography: Wedding’s Art

Planning and Design: Love and Memories

Shoot Location: Mas Terrats, Pontós, Girona, Spain

Videography: Wedding’s Art

Floral Design: Flors Bahí

Wedding Dresses: Celia Vela

Naked Cakes and Red Velvets: Sweet Mama

Hair and Make-Up: Diana Galí

Stationery: CardWise

Rustic Candles: Ceras Roura

Decoration Hire: Tandem Deco

Horse: Canes Resort Mas Armengol

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