An Art Deco Wedding Shoot on the Barracuda in London

This week, instead of our usual real wedding feature, we have gorgeous pictures from an art deco styled wedding shoot to share with you, which took place on the London Eye Barracuda on the River Thames. With a stylish and luxurious setting, exquisite styling, and featuring some of London’s most famous landmarks, the shoot was captured beautifully by Fiona Kelly Photography. Fiona told us how the shoot came together…

“Back in 2011 I worked with the team behind London Bride magazine on a bridal shoot on and around the London Eye. This was so successful for both the magazine and the team at the London Eye that we teamed up again in 2012 to take the idea one step further.

“This time the amazing location was the Barracuda boat, which is run by the London Eye group. It really is the most stunning venue, even when you don’t take into account the fact you can sail down the Thames as well. The interior of the boat has a feel of modern art deco about it, which was our starting point and the inspiration behind the looks that were put together.

“It was a real top team that was put together to create some really inspirational images, using feathers, beading, a soft palette of colours, beautiful Jenny Packham and Sassi Holford dresses for our bride, and perfectly tailored suits with 1920’s inspired accessories for our groom.

“We also got to see London from arguably the best place possible… cruising in the middle of the Thames!”

Bride with parasol and groom

Bride and grom by London Eye Barracuda

Bride and groom next to Barracuda

Bride and groom

Bride and groom under parasol

Bride and groom's legs

Bride and groom and groom's buttonhole

Black and white pictures of bride and groom on boat deck

Groom sitting on edge of boat

Bride and groom on boat looking out over Thames

Bridal bouquet

Bride and groom in bar on boat

Art deco bride and groom

Bride twirl

Bride twirling dress

Bride holding up dress

Bride holding shell with flowers in

Bride and groom on board barracuda

Bride and groom looking at each other

Bride laying on couch

Bride on couch looking at camera

Bride's necklace

Bride holding bridal bag

Bridal bouquet on table

Bride sitting on couch

Bride with hairpiece

Bride sitting

Broom sitting in front of window on boat

Groom in art deco shoot

Groom walking on board barracuda

Groom on boat

Bride standing on boat

Bride and groom looking out of boat window

Bride and groom on barracuda boat

Bride and groom below deck on barracuda

Bride and groom in styled wedding shoot

Bride and groom facing each other at table

Groom looking out of boat window

Groom looking across table at bride

Bride smiling at groom

Groom holding bride's hand

Wedding tables on barracuda boat

Styled wedding tables

Flower wedding table centres

Wedding table flowers

Wedding table details

Wedding tables on boat

Styled tables on boat for wedding shoot

Table flowers

Flowers on wedding table

Peacock feather on wedding table

Wedding desser table

Wedding cake and cupcakes

Flowers next to wedding cake

Props next to wedding cake

1920's styled groom

Groom leaning over

Groom doing up jacket

Art deco groom

Bride with veil

Bride looking out of boat window

Bride looking out of window at River Thames

Bride looking at camera

Bride looking at Thames

Bride and groom on boat with Tower Bridge behind them

Bride and groom on boat on Thames

Styled bridal shoot on River Thames

Bride looking at groom

Bride and groom on boat on Thames

Bride smiling

Bride and groom holding each other

Bride and groom sitting on edge of boat

Bride and groom looking at camera

Groom with london building in background

Bride and groom tender

Bride and groom on boat at night

Bride and groom on boat with London Eye in background

Bride seen from over groom's shoulder

Cakes on boat bar

Candle and rode on table

Candle and rose

Flowers and Champagne on bar

Barracuda boat bar

Bride and groom

Bride and groom about to dance

Groom twirling bride

Bride and groom dancing

Bride and groom dance

Bride and groom on barracuda boat by bar

Photography: Fiona Kelly Photography

Assistant Photographer: Yolande De Vries Photography

Venue: London Eye Barracuda

Styling: Nadira Kaba

Models: Ruth Frances and Ben

Hair and Make-up: Catherine Legg

Dresses: Jenny Packham and Sassi Holford

Shoes: Model’s own

Accessories: Stylists own and Basia Zarzycka

Flowers: TBR Floral Design

Cake and Dessert Table: Susanna Marinetti of Sweet Prestige

London Eye Barracuda Event Manager: Jo Double

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