Bride with arms around groom's shoulders

This week we have real wedding pictures to share with you from Melanie and Kelcey’s wedding in Los Angeles. This incredible wedding was actually won by the couple through a competition run by Yeah! Weddings, with every element of the day designed and provided free of charge. As there are so many incredible pictures we have split them into two features. Today we are sharing the pictures from the preparations, pre-ceremony couple shots and ceremony, with the remaining pictures from the day coming next week.

“Since we won the YEAH! Weddings’ free wedding, the style and design choices were entirely up to Bash, Please. For our wedding, they were inspired by stars and constellations, geometric shapes, and shades of blue and silver. I’ve been a huge fan of Bash, Please ever since we got engaged, so it was really a dream come true to have them design our wedding day for us.

“Studio 1342 is a beautiful loft space, with its bright white walls, cement floors, and raw wood ceilings. We couldn’t have asked for a better location.

“The Yeah! Rentals‘ team brought in some amazing mid-century modern pieces; I loved the Navajo style rugs and colourful chairs during the ceremony. Our guests were seated in a cluster of chairs, in a circle around us. It was an amazing feeling to have everyone we love so close. As Minister Myles told our love story, I loved looking to the friend or family member that had been a part of each memory.

“Our favourite memory from the day is definitely the ceremony. Minister Myles told our entire story, and we laughed a lot. Kelcey and I wrote our own vows, and it’s an amazing feeling to proclaim your love and feel so supported.”

Bride sitting on bed before getting ready for wedding

Wedding dress hanging over blue curtain

Wedding bracelet

Bride putting on wedding dress

Bride having wedding dress fastened

Bride with bob hairstyle

Bride holding green wedding shoe

Bride putting on green wedding shoe

Bride putting on birdcage veil

Bride putting on earring

Bride looking down at floor

Bride doing up lace coat

Wedding directions and hip flask

Groom laying on bed writing speech

Groom doing up tie

Groom smiling

Groom putting on tie pin

Groom adjusting best man's collar

Groom with back to camera

Bride and groom admire each other's look

Bride and groom bumping chests

Bride and groom holding hands

Bride and groom doing dance move

Bride and groom holding hands as groom looks at bride

Bride resting head on groom

Bride with head on groom's shoulder

Bride's headpiece

Bride standing straight

Groom doing up jacket

Bride and groom sitting on chairs

Bride's hand

Bride's hand on groom's face

Bride sitting with legs crossed

Bride smiling

Bride sitting cross legged on chair

Groom kissing bride on head

Groom kissing bride's hand

Bride and groom sitting in front of window

Bride touching groom's moustache

Bride with arms around groom

Bride and groom laughing together

Bride smiling

Bride resting head on groom's shoulder

Groom with bride's arms around him

Bride and bridesmaid's legs

Bride and bridesmaids kicking legs

Groomsmen standing in a line

Bridal party with arms linked

Bridal party in row

Bridal party posing

Bridal party posing

Groom hitting best man's hand

Bridal party posing

Wedding invitations

Chairs for wedding ceremony

Outdoor wedding ceremony

Bride and groom holding hands in wedding ceremony

Bride smiling during wedding ceremony

Outdoor wedding ceremony in Los Angeles

Bridesmaids holding bouquets

Groomsmen standing during wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony through leaves

Bride looking over shoulder during wedding ceremony

Bridesmaid smiling at bride

Bride with headpiece

Bride reading wedding vows

Groom reading wedding vows

Wedding minister laughing

Wedding ceremony

Bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony

Bride and groom kiss

Bride and groom walk back down aisle as husband and wife

Images © Our Labor of Love and Max Wanger Photography

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