Colourful decorations hanging from ceiling at wedding

Grass on one table, chopsticks on the next… that’s exactly how this week’s real wedding couple Hayley and Chris styled their wedding tables! Each table was themed according to places special to them and decorated accordingly, including Japan, Mongolia, Russia, and Sheffield (where the couple first lived together).

This wedding has an eclectic mix of colour, from the 1,000 amazing handmade origami cranes used for the ceremony backdrop, to the hula-hoop with multicoloured streamers suspended from the ceiling, and not forgetting Hayley’s multicoloured toe nail varnish (we love a bride with great nail varnish!).

We just love the cool details of this wedding, including the VW camper, Chris’ cool floral shirt with bow tie, and the ceremony furniture, which included an armchair and a lamp from the couple’s lounge!

Enjoy the amazing pictures from this wedding, photographed by Jay Emme Photography and second shooter Claire Penn Photography.

“Our wedding was held at Hellens Manor, which we chose as our venue because we liked the big wooden beams, relaxed atmosphere, and the access to the lovely outdoor area. It was important to me to get married in my home county, which is a really beautiful part of the world and very special to us.

“We wanted all sorts of colours and so there was no set scheme, but we wanted our wedding to reflect us, what we like and our shared history. The formative years of our relationship happened in Japan, and in keeping with a Japanese good luck tradition we made 1,000 origami cranes which served as our centrepiece and backdrop to the ceremony.  Another notable feature was a hula-hoop suspended from the ceiling with multicoloured streamers radiating from the centre and a hanging paper lantern, held up by an intricate system of fishing wire and manly ingenuity courtesy of the best men, master of ceremonies and father of the bride. Six other paper lanterns in different colours also hung from the ceiling.

“We brought furniture from our home to give a homely touch and got married on a rug that usually sits in the middle of our living room. The tables were themed according to places special to us and decorated accordingly – naturally there was a Japan table, one for Bristol where we met, my home town Leominster, Chris’ in Bolton, Mongolia, China, and Russia which we visited on our way back to the UK, and Sheffield where we first lived before settling back in Bristol.

“My dress was big! Not really what I imagined, but because I’m so short a long, slim, flowing dress would not suit, and therefore I fell for a traditional a-line dress by Alfred Angelo. I definitely wanted lace and an almost vintage fabric and considered making my own at one point, but on a trip with my mum and sister to a few shops in Hereford I fell in love with this dress. People were surprised I had gone traditional and expected a more outrageous and eclectic design, but this was just right for me. I love still unzipping the dress bag and seeing the beautiful lace and structure.”

Beamed room

Gramophone Bottle of cider


Groom making origami paper crane Origami paper crane

Origami paper crane and wedding rings

Groom in floral shirt

Groom putting on shoe

Groomsmen toast

Best man helping groom with buttonhole

Bow tie and buttonhole Colourful tie and buttonhole

Patterned tie and buttonhole Blue skinny tie and buttonhole



Wedding flowers

Green trainers

Mother of the bride jacket

Wedding dress

Fastening of brides dress

Bride in wedding dress

Train on bride's dress

Bride and father about to hug Bride hugging father

Turquoise VW Camper Van

Front of turquoise VW Camper Van Back of turquoise VW Camper Van

Hellens Manor sign

Wedding order of service written on chalkboard

Hellens Manor barn wedding ceremony

Table of wedding flowers

Jugs of wedding flowers

Hellens Manor barn decorated for wedding ceremony

Armchair Origami paper cranes hanging in wedding ceremony

Origami paper cranes

Origami paper cranes

Groom waiting at altar

Bride arriving at wedding in VW Camper Van

Flower girl's trainers

Flower girls in pink and purple dresses

Groom waiting at altar

Father walking daughter down the aisle

Bride approaching altar with father

Wedding reading

Wedding ceremony

Groom putting ring on bride's finger Woman playing guitar at wedding

Bride and groom kiss in wedding ceremony

Wedding guest taking picture

Bride and groom leaving wedding ceremony

Jars of flowers

Wedding guests taking drinks

Groom showing wedding ring on finger

Bride and groomsmen

Lavender confetti

Wedding confetti shot

Bride and groom's legs

Bride and groom Bride and groom

Glitter toe nails

Bride holding bouquet

Bride and groom walking across corn field

Bride and groom walking in corn field

Bride and groom hugging in corn field

Groom kissing bride's head in corn field

Picture on camera

Wedding bouquet in corn field

Bride looking at groom's wedding ring

Bride and groom kiss Bride and groom walking away

Streamers hanging from ceiling

Chalkboard wedding table plan

Chalkboard wedding table plan

Wedding drinks

China themed wedding table

Mahjong tiles on wedding table

Sheffield themed wedding table

Book on wedding table

Bristol themed wedding table

Picture on wedding table

Japan themed wedding table

Japan themed wedding table

Mongolia themed wedding table

Glass on wedding table

Russia themed wedding table

Russian doll on wedding table

Leominster themed wedding table

Apples on wedding table

Floral jug on wedding table

Paper cut outs on wedding table

Bride log place setting Groom log place setting

Dalek jug on wedding table

Wedding table decorations

Jug Trumpet on wedding table

Sheet music

Wedding cake on log Wedding cake


Bride and groom entering wedding breakfast

Wedding food on board

Summer fruits

Father of the bride wedding speech

Wedding guests laughing at speech

Two best men speech

Wedding toast

Wedding song lyrics

Groom with arm around bride

Groom wedding speech

Bride wedding speech

Bride kissing groom after speech

Wedding reception

Wedding guest signing wood wedding guest book

Wood wedding guest book

Basket for wedding cards

Coloured streamers across beamed ceiling

Bride and groom dancing

Bride and groom dancing

Bride and groom hug on dance floor

Ginger cat



Groom with arm around best man

Bride and groomsmen sitting on hay bale

Hellens Manor at night

Images © Jay Emme Photography and Claire Penn Photography