Qatar Royal wedding tables

Today we are very excited to be sharing pictures from our first ever royal wedding feature. This royal wedding in Qatar is the most spectacular, no expense spared wedding, and is truly exquisite. You are going to be in awe of the wedding styling; feminine, elegant and, of course, very sophisticated.

The couple had their wedding in a mini palace that the bride’s father built as a wedding present (you better get asking your father now!). There are no pictures of the couple as this is tradition, so these pictures from Jacob and Pauline Photography are all about the details…

“We were shocked when we were asked by Qatar royalty to shoot one of their weddings. It was of course a huge privilege, but there was a catch – it was in four days’ time. But after a few chats with the bride we had our visas sorted and boarded a flight to Doha.

“The wedding took place at a mini palace, built by the bride’s father as a wedding gift. Around 700 female guests attended, all wearing designer clothes and fabulous jewels – according to religious customs, there are two weddings; one for the women to attend, and another for the men.

“As you’ll see from the pictures there was no expense spared, and you’ll also notice there are no photos of the bride, groom or guests. This is, again, according to tradition. It was great learning so much about the culture and really getting immersed in the day.”

Wedding dress on Dior hanger Wedding rings

Bottles of perfume

Jewellery Christian Dior label

Qatar Royal wedding venue

Palace of Qatar Royal wedding

Wedding shoes


Qatar Royal wedding tables


Qatar Royal wedding tables

Table for Qatar Royal wedding

Table layout for Qatar Royal wedding

Wedding sweets and biscuits Wedding table flowers


Round wedding table for Qatar Royal wedding

Wedding table for Qatar Royal wedding

Qatar Royal wedding favour Qatar Royal wedding favour

Wedding place setting for Qatar Royal wedding

Wedding menu for Qatar Royal wedding Writing on wedding menu

Wedding flowers for Qatar Royal wedding

Large floral centrepiece for Qatar Royal wedding

Crystal droplets hanging from wedding table flowers

Wedding tables for Qatar Royal wedding

Table with chandelier overhead

Glass wedding table

Sweets on wedding table

Wedding table flowers Candle on wedding table

Blue lighting at Qatar Royal wedding

Purple lighting at Qatar Royal wedding

Outside venue of Qatar Royal wedding

Images © Jacob and Pauline Photography

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