Bride and groom holding hands on path in woodland

You might have seen one of our recent ‘Lunchtime Wedding Treats’ on The Wedding Community Facebook page was a really cool outdoor bar, styled with crates around the bottom of a tree adorned with fairy lights. Remember? Well, we loved the styling so much we just had to share the whole of Joanna and Andy’s fabulous wedding party.

This small, intimate wedding celebration right on the banks of the river has the most amazing styling. We love the rustic, fantasy elements that give the styling an enchanted garden feel.

Umbrella Studio captured this wedding celebration beautifully, and we are delighted to be sharing the pictures with you today…

“Our little wedding party was held in a private house on the banks of the River Thames. As I am a fantasy novelist and lover, every detail was related to this.

“The whole wedding was prepared by ourselves and our family. The decorations were prepared by my mother, but the whole family was involved and helped. My mother also made our wedding cake with the dragon, and my wedding dress was handmade too.

“There was lots of love put into the preparation of this small but beautiful wedding.”

Bride looking in mirror as she has her hair done

Reflection of bride in glass of picture

Bride's reflection in make-up mirror

Boat and swan on River Thames

Bride wearing green wedding gown

Bride putting on earrings and holding green fan

Lady helping groom put on buttonhole

Wedding ring in green stones

His and hers on lg slices and heart with wedding picture

Sign and birdhouse

Wedding messages sign and feathers ib wedding favours

Flowers in Wellington boots and small jars of dried flowers

Wedding wine dispenser

Bride and groom walking across field

Bride and groom standing in field

Bride with blue top and groom

Bride posing in green wedding dress

Bride twirling

Bride in green wedding dress standing with groom

Bride and groom sitting on steps

Groom holding train of bride's green dress

Bride and groom running through woodland

Bride wearing green wedding dress

Detail on bride's green wedding dress

Groom standing behind bride holding fan

Groom jumping and bride's hair accessory

Wedding guest sitting by River Thames

Fantasy wedding drinks bar

Wedding signs

Bride using bubble wand

Wedding guests by River Thames

Wedding speeches in garden of house by River Thames

Wedding cakes and treats

Men drinking at fantasy wedding

Props for wedding photobooth

Wedding photobooth in trees

Wedding guests sitting by River Thames

Wedding guests lighting chimenea

Wedding guests

Wedding drinks bar around a tree

Bride and groom

Bride and groom at end of the night

Images © Umbrella Studio

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