Wow, wow, wow! Oh how we love everything about this wedding! Gab and Cory planned their spectacular aircraft hangar wedding at Bromesberrow Place in Gloucestershire in just five months.

It’s not very often you see a wedding with bridesmaids in emerald green, but it’s so pretty, fresh and gorgeous that we are pretty sure you are going to want to, erm, copy this style!

Bridal party posing for picture in a field

Everything about this wedding is fun; the colours, the decor, the bridal party style, the entertainment and, most importantly, the couple. That’s why we love this wedding so much – Gab and Cory really put their hearts, souls and personalities into making their wedding so fabulous.

Huge thanks to the very talented Tom Leishman of Picture My Love for sharing the amazing pictures from this wedding…

Full of Memories

“Our wedding theme was ‘anything goes’. Any colour was welcome, and the more flowers, ribbon, and bottles, the better!

“We knew we wanted our wedding to be at Bromesberrow Place. We spent a lot of time there in the first year or two of our relationship because my mum and I lived in part of the manor, where my Mum worked. The grounds and gardens are so meaningful and full of memories for us.

“We loved the vibe of the aircraft hangar and that it was a blank canvas for us to create a colourful world of our own. We wanted a giant picnic with everyone we love, with no guest limitation, unlimited food and drinks and dancing and happiness! Our day was spontaneous and controlled by a megaphone, used to herd the large crowd of guests to each location!”

Bridal bouquets

Bride's flat shoes


Green bridal shoes

Flower crown

Mother of the bride engraved spoon

Wedding dress and green bridesmaid dresses

Bride holding baby

Bridesmaids opening gifts

Rings on fingers

Doing up back of bride's dress

Reflection of bride in mirror putting on earrings

Bridesmaid adjusting flower crown in mirror

Bride opening gifts

Framed gifts

Ford Mustang wedding car

Bride and father sitting in wedding car

A Very Emotional Ceremony

“The ceremony was one of our highlights. The tiny country church was overflowing with people. Even though it was a traditional church service we didn’t want it to be boring or awkward, so there was plenty of lively singing and clapping.

Pick a seat wedding sign Entrance to Bromesberrow Church

Groom and best man waiting in church for bride

Boy carrying Here Comes the Bride sign

Bridesmaids walking down church path

“I think the most memorable moment has to be when I walked down the aisle. Walking in with my dad laughing and crying, to see my soon-to-be husband also crying, was a moment I will never forget. It was a very emotional ceremony; Cory was crying through every second of it!”

Bride laughing as she walks down the aisle

Guitarists playing during church wedding ceremony

Bride and groom at altar

Vicar giving thumbs up

Bride putting ring on groom's finger

Bride and groom kiss

Wedding guests waiting outside church for bride and groom

Dramatic wedding confetti shot

Girl wearing flower crown

Man using megaphone at wedding

Groomsmen throwing groom in the air

Bridal party posing with flowers

Bride and groom's wedding rings

Groom's reflection in wedding car wing mirror

Bride and groom in back of wedding car

Ice Cream on the Lawn

“After the ceremony everyone gathered and ate ice cream on the front lawn. A small moat separated the lawn from the field behind us. As we sat in a row with our groomsmen we looked behind us to see a row of cows right in the middle of our line, as if they were imitating us.

Bride and groom with ice cream van

Groom jumping down step

Bride and groomsmen sitting in field with cows behind

Groom kissing bride on head

Bride and groom relaxing

Bride with flower crown

Back of bride's wedding dress

Bride and groom holding hands on tennis court

DIY Project

“Our whole wedding felt like a DIY project. Our close friends and family got hands-on and helped us make it our own; we were proud of the result. We spent the week running up to the wedding setting up the aircraft hangar. It’s usually just a big, dirty warehouse, full of mud and oil, some farming machinery and a small aeroplane, so we had our work cut out.

DJ equipment and dance floor at wedding

Umbrella and pom pom hanging from ceiling

Suitcase for wedding cards

Photos pegged to line

Personalised sweet bags

Wedding sweet table

Love sign above wedding cake Naked wedding cake

Mirror wedding table plan

“Cory’s mum spent every evening after our engagement knitting bunting and creating all sorts of crafty decorations that we streamed and hung around the massive building. We bought hundreds of multi-coloured streamers online and hung these over the seating area. Then we had hanging pom-poms, umbrellas, lanterns and festoon lights above the dance floor. We used hessian to cover up some of the walls, and fake ivy and greenery to fill areas. All our friends saved their glass bottles and jars before the wedding, which we filled with flowers and placed on the tables and around the room.

Aircraft hangar wedding breakfast

Streamers hanging from ceiling of aircraft hangar

“My mum found a local wholesalers and arranged all the flowers, along with her good friend Jaqui. They slaved away through the night to make 13 bouquets and flowers crowns, 14 buttonholes, massive pieces in old milk churns and hundreds of flower-filled bottles and jars.

Bouquet and table tennis bat

Bathtub full of bottles

Pizza over

Groom making announcement

Wedding guest taking picture on phone

Bridesmaid giving speech

Bride and groom listening to speech

Best man speech

Mr and Mrs wedding chairs

Man playing song during wedding speeches

Man giving wedding speech

Bride laughing at speech

Mr and Mrs sign at front of top table

Man raising drink for wedding toast

Everyone Got Very Involved

“The best thing about planning our wedding was that it brought all our friends and family closer than ever. We spent so many weekends making crafty bits together, and planning our surprise dance! Everyone got very involved!

Group hug

Groom with arms around friend

Bride and bridesmaids walking across field

Bride and bridesmaids in corn field

Bride and groom sitting on chairs in corn field

Bridal party in corn field

Bride and bridesmaids laying down

Bride and groom cutting cake

Wedding first dance

Bride and groom dancing

Wedding dance routine

Dancing at wedding

“It was the first project that Cory and I had to work on together, but also that we had the freedom make it what we wanted it to be. Although it pushed us to the limit with stress, we ended up stronger and closer and felt like we could accomplish anything!

“Planning a wedding is such a great challenge before a marriage. Surely if you can survive that, you can make it!”

Wedding dj

Wedding guest break dancing

Bridesmaids in green dresses

Photography: Tom Leishman of Picture My Love

Ceremony Venue: Bromesberrow Church

Reception Venue: Bromesberrow Place and Aircraft Hangar, Gloucestershire

Bride’s Dress: Taffeta and Lace

Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS

Groom’s Attire: Moss Bros

Bride’s Shoes: ASOS

Bride’s Hair: Stuart Holmes

Pizzas: Little Britaly

Ice Cream Van: TreatsUK

Rentals: Bisley Leisure Hire

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