At 12noon we’ll be announcing the winner of our 2014 Picture of the Year vote, but first we’d like to give a special mention to the photographers who took second and third place…

2nd Place

Bride and groom - Picture by Jamie Penfold Photography

Second place went to this picture by Jamie Penfold Photography. Taken at the Roof Bar on top of The Vermont Hotel in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Jamie took the picture from low down to give it an interesting viewpoint, and used the lines of the floorboards and plant boxes to guide the eye to the couple, Adam and Tanya.

3rd Place

Bride and groom kissing in a field in hazy sunshine - Picture by Katy Lunsford Photography

Third place went to this picture by Katy Lunsford Photography, taken at Bryony and Faraz’s rustic French wedding. Katy spotted the golden field the day before the wedding and realised that the sun would be going down in exactly the right place to get the most gorgeous golden light, if the timing was right, so Bryony and Faraz delayed their wedding speeches so they could get the shot.

Congratulations to Jamie and Katy, and you can see more of their work by visiting and

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