Soon we’ll be announcing the winner of our 2013 Picture of the Year vote, but before we do we’d like to give a special mention to the photographers whose pictures came second and third…

2nd Place

Bride and groom reflection in wing mirror of vintage car - Picture by Jenna Carpenter Photography

Second place went to this picture by Jenna Carpenter Photography, taken at the wedding of Catriona and Tristan in early 2013 (Catriona was Jenna’s maths teacher from secondary school!).  Jenna wanted to take a photo of the couple in the car, and managed to capture this photo just at the right time and angle; it soon became one of Jenna’s favourites from the day.

3rd Place

Bride and groom standing next to dinosaur - Picture by Katherine Ashdown Photography

This picture by Katherine Ashdown Photography took third place. Taken at the wedding of Denise and Gary at Weston Park in Norfolk, the picture was actually requested by Denise, who emailed Katherine a few days before the wedding to ask if they could have some pictures taken with the dinosaurs which are in the land next to the venue. Although Katherine at first thought it might look a little odd, as they just look like big plastic dinosaurs in the light of day, she came up with the idea of taking the picture at night, silhouetting the couple next to the dinosaur. The shot came out exactly how she had imagined it.

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