Before we announce the winner of The Wedding Community’s Picture of the Year 2012 vote, we’d like to give a special mention to the runners-up…

2nd Place

Second place went to this picture by Jamie Penfold Photography, shot on Newcastle’s historic High Level Bridge in October 2011. Jamie “framed” the couple, Darren and Victoria, in amongst the arches and used the perpendicular shadows to create some added interest.

Bride and groom under arches - Picture by Jamie Penfold Photography

3rd Place

Third place went to this picture by Olivia Shaw Photography. The picture was taken at Sarah and Toby’s wedding at St Michael’s Manor in St Albans on 15th January 2012, on a beautiful, crisp, winter’s day. Olivia loves the gaze between the couple in this photo, capturing their beaming happiness at a very special moment between a newly married couple.

Bride smiling at groom - Picture by Olivia Shaw Photography

Congratulations to both our runners-up, and you can see more of their work by visiting and