And the winner is… OLIVEJOY Photography!

There’s now just one place in our Picture of the Year final up for grabs after you voted this wonderfully creative picture by OLIVEJOY Photography our November 2019 Picture of the Month. Taken at Bethany and Joshua’s post-wedding shoot at Hollingbury Park, Becky used refraction to get the inverted image through the glass ball before flipping the picture. Light is bent as it passes through the glass ball, inverting the image seen through it…

Upside down picture of groom touching heads with bride holding glass ball showing their image the right way up - Picture by OLIVEJOY Photography

Love Through the Glass

“A soft mist lingered in the air as Bethany and Joshua walked through the grounds of Hollingbury Park at the top of the Sussex Downs. They had been in love for years, and although newly-wed they felt like old souls who had known each other for a lifetime as they explored hand in hand through the fields.

“This post-wedding session was the perfect space for these two to capture some romantic and creative portraits of themselves while enjoying time together without distraction. They enjoyed laughing and reminiscing about their wedding day and the time that had passed so quickly which had swept them up in some sort of magical whirlwind.

“I handed them a glass sphere and suggested they enjoy a moment embracing each other while I focused on capturing their love through the glass.”

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