And the winner is… Smallpigart Photography!

Bride using fan to blow air down front of her dress - Picture by Smallpigart Photography

Congratulations to Anna of Smallpigart Photography, the winner of our March 2015 Picture of the Month. This amusing picture received the most votes in our poll to become the third picture to go through to our Picture of the year final in January. Anna told us how the picture came about…

“The 26th of July last year was one of the warmest days in Stockholm, and the bride had tried everything to cool down but was still sweating like crazy. I was observing her during the dinner, when suddenly I saw that she was holding a small fan in front of her – she had her eyes closed and an expression that said “finally”. The moment was over in a second and I didn’t get the photo with her eyes closed, but instead I got the expression of her husband Anders looking at her, and that was even better.”

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