And the winner is… Ryan Goold Photography!

We now have half of our finalists for our Picture of the Year vote in January, after you voted this beautiful picture by Ryan Goold Photography our June 2018 Picture of the Month. Taken at Lauren and James’ wedding in Somerset, Ryan explained how he had to act quickly to make the most of the perfect sunlight…

Bride and groom kissing under tree - Picture by Ryan Goold Photography

It Turned Out Lovely

“Lauren and James married on the 5th May this year at the stunning Longhouse wedding venue in Somerset. It was my first time photographing there and it was amazing. Used during the week as an activity-filled day out for schools, with climbing, raft building and so on, at the weekend Longhouse gets transformed into a beautiful wedding venue.

“I spotted the raised banks down from the venue, and I was actively looking for the sunlight at this time of day. Luckily it happened to fall through the trees so I quickly got the bride and groom to stand over by them ready for the shot; it turned out lovely. I love using greenery no matter where I am, and always look to bring it into the couple photos.”

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