And the winner is… Katy Lunsford Photography!

Bride and groom kissing in a field in hazy sunshine - Picture by Katy Lunsford Photography

We now have half our finalists for our 2014 Picture of the Year competition, after this picture by Katy Lunsford Photography was voted June 2014 Picture of the Month. This beautiful picture was taken at the wedding of Bryony and Faraz at Château du Puits es Pratx, Ginestas, France, and Katy told us how the picture came about…

“Bryony and Faraz’s rustic French wedding was an absolute dream – from the gorgeous bride and beautiful sunshine, to the stunning setting at Château du Puits es Pratx in the beautiful Languedoc countryside.

“The day began with Bryony leading her guests in a yoga class on the lawn, followed by a Champagne breakfast with the girls. The ceremony took place in the vineyard, the Champagne reception in the gardens, and dinner in the courtyard of the château. I had spotted the golden field opposite the château the day before and realised with excitement that the sun would be going down in exactly the right place to get the most gorgeous golden light, if we could get the timings to work. Bryony and Faraz are a super-lovely couple and amazingly were willing to delay the speeches so we could make the most of the light – not to mention Bryony taking off her Jimmy Choos and climbing up the bank to get into the field!

“It was utterly perfect – the golden field, the pretty light, the gorgeous couple in love, and my favourite 85mm lens all working together to create something beautiful :). It’s a moment I will remember for a long time.”

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