And the winner is… Project Valentine!

Project Valentine becomes our first finalist for our 2016 Picture of the Year competition, after winning our January 2016 Picture of the Day vote. This beautiful moment was captured during Catherine and Joey’s first dance at their wedding in June 2015. Jack of Project Valentine explained how he got the shot…

Bride and groom with arms around each other on black background - Picture by Project Valentine

Nothing Else Matters

“Catherine and Joey’s wedding back in June 2015 took place at the stunning Queen Hotel in Chester. They married in the courtyard under the sun, and moved the party inside later in the evening.

“The shot was done by putting a flashgun in the background during their first dance and setting the camera to only rely on the flashgun’s light, creating a lovely moment that isolates the couple.  When I see the picture I think of them during the moment, where nothing else matters apart from dancing to their song together.”

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