And the winner is… Katherine Ashdown Photography!

Bride and groom standing in front of large LOVE letters in field - Picture by Katherine Ashdown Photography

Our congratulations go to Katherine Ashdown Photography, after this picture received the most votes in our January 2015 Picture of the Day competition to become the first finalist for our Picture of the Year vote. Taken at the marquee wedding of Milly and Rob, the picture was inspired by the beautiful pink sky at the end of the day…

“Rob and Milly had been referred to me from another of my lovely wedding couples. I knew as soon as I met them they would have a wonderful stylish wedding; they described to me a handmade wedding in a beautiful farm field, and it was just that. They had a very relaxed day with lots of time for me to capture guests having fun and playing croquet, as well as all the amazing details Milly, Rob and their friends and family had spent months collecting and making.

“This photo came about inspired by the sunset at the end of the evening. I had seen these amazing LOVE letters propped up by the marquee and admired them all day. As the light faded and they were turned on they twinkled beautifully. We were packing up to leave the wedding when the sky turned pink. As I walked past the letters with my camera gear I tried to pick one up to see how heavy they were. Surprised it was light as a feather I checked with Milly to see if she was happy for us to move them in front of the sunset and grab them for one final shot of the night. Milly and Rob are so laid back and happy they agreed straight away! My assistant Heather and I spent the next 10 minutes moving them, propping them up with croquet hooks and testing the light for the perfect shot before the pink sky disappeared. I grabbed Rob and Milly and, by then, with a bit of an audience we captured this shot! It is one of my favourite shots of the year and is the finishing shot in their beautiful album.”

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