And the winner is… B-Visuals!

That’s it – we now have all of our finalists for our 2017 Picture of the Year competition. This fab picture by B-Visuals was voted our December 2017 Picture of the Month to take the last spot in next week’s final. Taken before Sanne and Herman’s wedding in Italy, Benaissa from B-Visuals told us how perfect timing was key to getting this shot…

Pigeon with bride and groom in background - Picture by B-Visuals

Perfect Timing

“I took this picture on the wedding day of Sandra and Herman. Their wedding took place in San Gimignano, a town in Italy nearby Sienna, with their love of Italy one of the reasons they married there.

“When I took this picture we were on our way to the city hall for the ceremony. During the walk to the town hall I saw Sandra and Herman enjoying the lovely weather. The atmosphere was peaceful and idyllic, with the old authentic streets of San Gimignano a beautiful backdrop.

“I saw this pigeon walking on the street. It really looked relaxed and at ease, so I ran to the front of the wedding crowd and laid down on the ground to get the shot. It was perfect timing, particularly because the colours of the pigeon matched with the outfits of the two wedding guests in the background. Also, it looked like the pigeon was kind of modelling for me. All of this and the whole vibe of the moment came together nicely in this photo.”

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