And the winner is… Katherine Ashdown Photography!

Bride and groom standing next to dinosaur - Picture by Katherine Ashdown Photography

Congratulations to Katherine Ashdown Photography, the winner of our April Picture of the Day competition. This fantastic, unique picture received the most votes from our readers to become the fourth picture to go through to our Picture of the Year vote.

We asked Katherine to tell us a bit about the picture…

“Gary and Denise got married on a beautiful Autumn day last year at Weston park in Norfolk. When they booked they were both so enthusiastic about my work, so I knew they would be great to shoot and up for anything! A few days before the wedding Denise emailed me to ask if we could do some of their shots with the Dinosaurs which are at the entrance to the Dinosaur park in the land next to their wedding venue, as it is quite iconic in Norfolk.

“I have to be honest and say I just thought it might look very odd! In the light of day they just look like big plastic dinosaurs, and when we had limited time to get some gorgeous, romantic couple shots on the day I didn’t want to waste it getting images that just looked strange! That said, I racked my brains to work out how I could get something for them that looked cool. I thought about getting the shot in the dark and somehow silhouetting them and the dinosaur to make it look more ‘real’, perhaps a little scary, and a bit like something out of Jurassic Park! This shot is exactly what I had in my head as we headed out on a freezing October evening into the pitch black forest looking for dinosaurs!”

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