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We all love getting new shoes, right? But there is something extra special about buying a pair of shoes for your wedding. You may only wear them once, but oh boy it’s such an amazing feeling to buy the shoes (it’s nearly as exciting as buying the dress!).

Bridal shoes obviously come in all shapes, sizes and colours, just like any other shoe, but you will be wearing them all day, doing a lot of standing up, walking around and, of course, a lot of shape throwing. You need to make sure that they are not only the most beautiful pair of shoes you will probably ever buy, but they are also conformable.

When looking for a recent Lunchtime Treat to share with you via social media, I came across Ruby Shoo… oh how I swooned. Ruby Shoo pride themselves on their shoes being sophisticated, quirky and fun, and I completely agree with them.

Not every bride wants to wear 10″ stilettos, and if you don’t then you must take a look at Ruby Shoo. They have the most beautiful vintage-inspired shoes, and their bridal shoes are to die for. They sent us two pairs of their bridal shoes to take a look at…

The first pair is ‘Emily‘, described by Ruby Shoo as “A bar shoe with a luxurious twist. Brocade upper with matching panels in faux suede to give your special occasion that touch of glamour; buckle fastening, with an adorable trio of matching flowers set in a corsage.”

Emily bridal shoe by Ruby Shoo

These shoes are so pretty with the gold brocade detail, and I absolutely adore the floral corsage on the side. The heel height is 9cm, so perfect for a touch of glamour, but not so high that you will want your flip flops on by the time you leave the church. They are a really lovely cream faux suede with gold heel, very feminine, and the detailing on this shoe is exquisite.

Emily bridal shoe by Ruby Shoo

If you are having a tea-length wedding dress then these shoe will look amazing; they are just too pretty to hide away under your wedding dress. They will of course look great with any length dress but it would be a shame to hide them!

The second pair of bridal shoes is ‘Miley‘, which Ruby Shoo describe as “Sassy and chic low cut court, with exquisite cut out detail and cute pom pom trim, to add a touch of fun to your special day. Featuring glistening floral brocade uppers, metallic linings, and dainty micro-dot insoles.”

Miley bridal shoe by Ruby Shoo

If you are looking for a shoe that is a little more subtle but still want something classy, then Miley would be perfect. The whole shoe has a pretty floral brocade detail and then cute little pom poms all around the edge that add a fun element. Again, the heels are 9cm high.

Miley bridal shoe by Ruby Shoo

At just £50 a pair, these bridal shoes from Ruby Shoo are a fantastic buy.

I love both of these pairs of shoes but I have to say Emily are my favourite. They were a little more comfortable and the detail is just exquisite.

I tried both shoes in a size 7/40 (my own shoe size) and both pairs came up slightly small, so you may want to order in a size bigger.

If you are looking for a fun pair of bridal shoes in a non-traditional colour, then Ruby Shoo has a huge selection of alternative shoes – from polka dots to geometric patterns, t-bar to open toe, they are all amazing.

You can take a look at Ruby Shoo’s full collection here.

Kim x

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