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Stephen Bishop Suiting
28 High Street
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Stephen Bishop Suiting

About Us

The formal wear market, indeed the high street in general is awash with pretty good but basic suiting. We feel these are great for daily office use or brilliant for a party but what about your wedding? So you buy a suit but then what? How or where do you go to coordinate the other men in your wedding party? You have to try and find a match both in colour and more importantly styling or vibe. This is not an easy thing to find which is why the team at FBD have created a range without limit. Suits to hire or buy, standard styling to full blown tails, all your needs can be sorted in one shop by our experienced formal wear specialists.


It is a very exciting time for tailoring with the suit being “back in”. What is it then that will make you exude “now” or become a trend setter? Part of the experience that the Stephen Bishop Suiting team have is to “work you out”, to figure out what will suit you and along with your ideas simply create perfection.


A suit can be all singing, all dancing but fit terribly. A suit can be a fantastic fit but looks a bit “shiny”. The trick is to be on trend and to have your outfit fit you both in size and personality. Modern fashion is skin tight, nice but is it practical? The suit that you have seen in the bridal mag with that chisel chinned and honed model might not look the same on your fine physique. Never fear the design team at Stephen Bishop Suiting will help you all the way.

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