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Laura Williams Diet and Fitness Expert

Tel: 07712 001525
Category: Health & Fitness
Laura Williams Diet and Fitness Expert

About Us

Laura Williams is a former couch potato who has revamped her lifestyle to become one of the UK’s leading personal trainers.


Whatever you’re looking to achieve, Laura will make sure you get there - if you’re not getting results, she won’t palm you off with the, “Don’t worry - muscle just weighs heavier than fat” line that so many trainers use. She’ll check your food and exercise diary, make suggestions, contact you during the week, and generally tear her hair out until you’re getting the results you’re after.


So if you’re suffering with an expanding waistline, an absence of motivation, or just a lack of exercise know-how, Laura’s pretty confident she can help.


To discuss working with Laura, message or call her on 07712 001525.

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