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Clare's Circus

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Clare's Circus

About Us

Great imaginative fun for children of all ages at weddings.

Entertainment and activities tailored to any venue and to suit your needs including any or all of the below. We have over 20 years of experience and great testimonials that we are happy to share with you.


Weddings - An amazing variety of entertainment, games and face painting for all ages including adults.


Balloon modeling – Delightful, fun and entertaining balloon models, Hats, Fairy crowns, Flowers, Butterflies, Monkeys up trees, Dogs, Snails and Dinosaurs are just a few of our amazing ever expanding repertoire. Suitable for ages 3 years onwards. 


Face painting – Visit the Face Painting page. Suitable for ages 3 years onwards. 


Craft and Making – Pirate hats, Princess crowns, Fairy wands, Bead bracelets, Masks, Simple puppets and much more. Suitable for ages 4 years onwards. 


Origami – It’s incredible what you can transform a flat sheet of paper into! Really simple designs to advanced designs that will challenge you. Origami will develop your skills of accuracy, patience, thinking through step by step and will increase ones memory and attention. Suitable for ages 5/6 years onwards. 


Circus workshop - Fantastic for any age, visit the workshop page for more details.


Themed parties - Possibilities and ideas are endless, Pirates, Princess, Craft, Circus and Alice in Wonderland are just a few. Suitable for ages 5/6 years onwards.


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